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Provide guests with your personal hotspots in the neighborhood – on their mobile devices.

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With myLike you can easily share personal recommendations with your guests on their mobile devices – like a mobile concierge, accessible anytime and anywhere. Improve their stay by helping them to explore the city based on your insider view – so they can feel local and meet locals. Because you know your way around and your guests trust your taste.

Share your location-based recommendations with your guests

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Tour plans through the city and its surrounds

Provide your guests with predefined tours so they can make the most out of their stay. Let them explore the city as if they were locals and not tourists. And the best part is that you have to set it up only once.

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You decide who can see your tips

With myLike you can define who can see each recommendation: just you, your friends, your guests or the whole myLike community. Your guests can become part of a group with special access to your valuable insights. This makes your tips special whilst protecting your privacy.

Set your privacy and choose who can see your myLikes