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Best Travel App

be loved, get recommended

Guests get your local expertise directly on their mobile phone using myLike as their personal travel planner: digital, geolocated and easy to navigate to. They can contribute own content while staying synched with your valuable tips. Social sharing functions enable them to recommend you and your tips to their friends with myLike, the award winning travel platform.

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Digital Marketing:

share insights,

be visible

Get found through your great tips and motivate guests to book your hotel and experiences you can recommend.


Make them return by keeping them up to date about your area via your mobile concierge. myLike is for free for private user.

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Inspire your guests with your insider tips directly on their smart phones and social channels. All digital, mobile at your guests’ fingertips. Generate direct bookings and revenue through up-selling without dedicated hardware or software. Available as stand-alone service or fully integrated in your existing websites and software and hardware infrastructure.


Your guests recommending you to their friends.

Connected guests:

be relevant, be digital,

be inspiring

Enrich your guests’ journey and help them plan and make the best out of their trips. Provide your tips 24/7 before and during their stay on any available channel with your personal mobile concierge . Share inspiring insights after they leave so they return, or recommend you on their social channels.

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Mobile Concierge

Enrich your guests' journey with your local expertise directly on their mobile phones. Your 24/7 mobile concierge on the best travel app.

Progressive solution

Designed as progressive web app (PWA) myLike's digital concierge easily integrates into existing workflows and systems with interactive maps and deep-links. Use myLike as a standalone solution or add myLike to your websites, apps, info systems, social media channels. No barriers, no setup cost, no hassle.

Interactive map example

using our web widget with customizable CI design elements


  • What is a mobile concierge?

    myLike’s mobile concierge allows you to assist your guests along their journey with your local know how for the best places to visit. myLike does not want to replace your team but wants to relieve their workload by making it easier for them to help your guest to have the best experience during their stay. You can share your tips easily via various communication channels in a digital and easy to use format. Before, during and after the guests stay. Guests can use the information directly on their mobile phone and can add their own findings as well. myLike is an open system which will not be deleted by your guests after their stay and they will follow and recommend you as a trusted source for great tips.

  • How does it work?

    You add your local tips to myLike with your personal pictures, tags, comments and ratings. You can define per location who can see your tips e.g. guests only. You can organize the tips by type e.g. best French restaurants in town. You own this information and can update it anytime. You now can invite your guests to myLike or share your information via multiple options.

  • How can myLike relieve your team and save cost?

    Guests can access your tips via multiple touch-points (website, in-room system, WLAN...) without the need to ask your team. If they need individual advice your team can access and share your tips in a simple and easy way guaranteeing a high quality standard and fast process. This saves you cost and increases your service and quality.

  • How can myLike increase bookings?

    Your guests decide for the region based on what they can do there. Give them an overview before they come, add more personal tips when they book and give them up to date info while they stay at your hotel or after they left - they might want to come back again soon! With myLike you are now part of your guests journey. You are digitally connected with them before, during and after their stay and they will promote you sharing your hotel and the great places they visited based on your tips with their friends. And what is better than a tip from a friend?

  • How do the guests get my tips?

    With myLike's mobile concierge you can easily share your personal tips with your guest by sending them respective links in mails or other communication channels. You can also post new locations in Facebook or integrate your tips as interactive maps with our widget on your website or blog. Customer just have to click on the map and get linked to the respective content and you. Updates are synchronized automatically. Integrate myLike also in your lobby or room-infotainment systems, room-pads, lobby beacons, own apps or guest-map.

  • Can I integrate myLike in my existing PMS, CRM or APP?

    myLike's progressive web design runs on IOS, Android and browser. It can be used stand alone or integrated in your existing PMS/CRM systems, infotainment solution, room pads and apps. We already work with various PMS/CRM providers (see partner section) and are open to also connect to yours. With our deep links and website widget you can use your mail system, WLAN landing pages, NFC chips, QR codes, beacons, FB posts, chat bots, website, and others means to transport your personal tips directly on your guests phone - ready to get experienced.

  • Can I still give personal tips?

    You might want to give some of your guests VIP treatment with dedicated tips. Just send them a link to a dedicated list which is for their eyes only (set it to private).

  • Who can give tips?

    You decide who can give tips to your guests. You might prefer that all tips are only visible under your hotels name. Or you might want your staff to provide their specific view on what are the hippest places to your guests. You can even go a step further – why not invite local people to add to your tips, or your own guests?

  • Who can see my tips?

    With myLike’s mobile concierge you have full control about the visibility of each individual tip or list. You can keep them in-house (private) or release to friends, people who follow you or everybody. You also decide who is allowed to befriend or follow you. With your business account you can invite your guests explicitly to follow you sending them a respective invitation link or embedding the link on your website.

  • What can my guests do with myLike?

    First of all the can follow your tips as Mobile Concierge on their own mobile phone displayed on an interactive map. They can filter them by interest and navigate to the ones they want to visit. They can save the places you recommended or add own findings with their own comments, ratings and pictures. They can organize places in lists and share them with their personal network. Your Mobile Concierge become their digital Travel Guide and Travel Log book.

  • Who can use myLike's Mobile Concierge?

    If you run a hotel, hostel, serviced apartment or B&B myLike’s digital concierge is the perfect tool for you to help you guests to make the best out of their stay at your facility. They will be thankful and loyal. If you are active in another business check out our Digital Travel Guide.

  • How much does myLike cost?

    myLike is a cost efficient solution. You can use it as service tool or upgrade it to a marketing tool. For more information please check out our pricing. For your guests myLike is for free.

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Increase revenue

Generate direct bookings with  myLike's digital concierge and upsell your local offerings and activities.


Get recommend by your guests to their private network. Nothing beats a great tip from a friend!

Your Benefits

Improved guest experiences


Increase loyalty and stay connected with your guests through your personal insider tips.




Be visible through your tips and get recommended by your satisfied guests.




Guests can find you and book directly through the myLike app.




Promote in-house offerings and external services.



myLike is low cost and low maintenance, your own hardware or software is not needed.




Effective tool to provide personal or automated tips, from pre- to post-stay. Easy setup and low maintenance.

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