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Make your insider tips part of your customers' travel planning, support them during their trip and provide updates when they are already home with your personal digital travel guide.


Stay connected so your customers return.

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Customers and followers get your local tips directly on their mobile phone and can use them for their travel planning and personal travel log book: digital, geolocated and easy to navigate to.


They can contribute own content while staying synched with your valuable tips and tips from their network. Internal and external social sharing functions enable them to recommend you and your tips to their friends with myLike, the award winning travel app.

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Help your customers to find their way around in your neighborhood or the destinations they are traveling to. All your local expertise for great places directly on their smart-phones. Digital, geolocated and ready to get experienced.

Use the various mechanisms myLike's digital travel guide offers to get your tips to your customer. Use myLike stand alone or integrated in your existing infrastructure.


They will remember your service and recommend you to their friends.

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be inspiring

Improve your customer service by providing them your insider tips digitally on their mobile phones with myLike's digital travel guide. Integrated in your customers social network ready to be experienced, embraced and shared.

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Digital Travel Guide

Enrich your customers' journey with your local expertise directly on their mobile phones. Your 24/7 personal mobile travel guide.

Easy to use

Your myLike content can be made available through interactive maps on your website/blog with our web widget or deep links send via mail, WhatsApp i.e. or posted on Facebook. myLike can be integrated in print material and modern communication technologies like beacons and NFC solutions.

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Convert your print, online and video content to usable experiences with myLike.

Your tips geolocated and ready to go, anytime and anywhere.

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customer base


Get recommended by your customers to their friends and be visible through your insider-tips to potential customers.




myLike is a low cost digital travel guide without the need to develop and maintain own hardware and software. Use it stand alone or integrated in your existing systems. Reduce your print material and assure up to date information.


your service


With myLike's digital travel guide you master your digital transformation meeting modern digital travelers needs to have information available 24/7 in a unified format.

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  • What is myLike’s Mobile Travel Guide?

    Using myLike as your personal and professional Travel Guide gives you access to an extended feature set which allows you to assist your customers and audience along their journey with your local know-how on the best places to visit. You can share your tips easily via various communication channels in a digital and easy to use format, before, during and after your customers journey. Customers can use the information directly on their mobile phone and can add their own findings as well – the perfect personal travel planning tool and travel log book. myLike is an open system which will be embraced by your customer as a daily tool with which they will follow and recommend you as a trusted source for great tips.

  • How does it work?

    You simply add your geolocated insider tips to myLike along with personal pictures, tags, comments and ratings. You can decide who can view a tip, e.g. specific users only. You can also organize the tips in lists e.g. ‘best beaches on the island’. You own this information and can update it anytime. You now can invite your audience to myLike or share your information via multiple options.

  • How can I use myLike as a marketing tool?

    Data relevance is a key marketing tool. Inspire your customers and audience with your personal pointers for vacations or nights out in their home city. Enrich their experiences by keeping them up to date about specific regions and great places to visit. You can communicate your tips inside myLike or via multiple communication channels like social media posts, websites with embedded interactive maps.

    With myLike you are now part of your customers’ and audiences’ journey. You are digitally connected with them before, during and after their trip and they will promote you and your tips within their private networks. What is better than a tip from a friend?

  • How do my customers find my tips?

    You can easily share your tips in myLike with your audience by releasing them inside myLike. You can target and increase your audience by inviting followers so they have direct access to your feed and personal tips. In addition you can send respective deep-links in mails or other communication channels. Post new locations or lists in Facebook, and integrate your tips as interactive maps on your website or blog with our widget. Customers simply click on the map and are linked to the relevant content and you. Updates are synchronized automatically. Integrate myLike in your own info systems, apps or digital guest-map.

  • What can my customers and audience do with myLike?

    With myLike your audience uses and follows your tips as their trusted Travel Guide on an interactive map on their mobile phone. They can filter these by interest and navigate to the ones they wish to visit. They can save places you recommend or add their own findings with personalised comments, ratings and pictures. They can organize places in lists and share them with their personal networks. The perfect digital Travel Guide and Travel Log book with social sharing capabilities.

  • Can I integrate myLike in my existing website, PMS, CRM or APP?

    myLike’s progressive web Design runs on IOS, Android and browser. It can be used stand alone or integrated in your existing PMS/CRM systems, infotainment solution and apps. With our deep links and website widget you can use your mail system, WLAN landing pages, NFC chips, QR codes, beacons, FB posts, chat bots, website, and others means to transport your personal tips directly on your customers phone.

  • Who can see my tips?

    In myLike you have full control over the visibility of each individual tip or list. You can keep these in-house (private) or release to friends, people who follow you or everybody. You also decide who can befriend or follow you.

  • Who can use myLike as Digital Travel Guide?

    myLike can be used by anyone who wants to share local knowledge on great places with their customers and audience. Tourist offices and destinations can promote their district with useful advice and insights. Travel agencies can assist their customers with add-on information on activities or attractions at the planned destination. Magazines and travel bloggers (visit our influencer section) can distribute their inspiring content usable and ready to be experienced by their readers. Vloggers can share the places described in their video inside lists or interactive maps – ready to explore by viewers. Transport companies like airlines, limoservices, train operators or hop-on hop-off buses can assist their customers along their journey or at their destination. Hotels and hostels use myLike as Mobile Concierge.

  • How much does myLike cost?

    myLike is a cost efficient solution. You can use it as service tool or upgrade it to a marketing tool. For more information please check out our pricing (richtiger link). For your guests myLike is for free.

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