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Map Widget & Travel App

your blog „to-go“: mobile, interactive and usable

Free Blogger Tool & Interactive Map

  • Your tips for great places directly on your follower‘s phone
  • Your blog „to-go“ - mobile and interactive
  • Increase reach and followers
  • Map widget for your blog
  • Log-book for your travels

Link your blog‘s content, places and tips to your followers‘ and readers‘ mobile phones. Integrate our map widget displaying all your great places on your website and let your followers interact with them. Increase your content‘s relevance, reach and usability. Check it out in our example.

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Places on your followers’ phone


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Reach a wider audience and get more followers

Your content can be shown to the whole myLike community. You will be recognized as a trusted source, build your own followership within the community and link to your blog to increase your reach and gain more readers.

Log-book for your travels and tips

With myLike you can save locations (e.g. restaurants, hotels, stores, but also non-commercial places like beaches, parks, view-points, etc.) instantly, take notes, add ratings, images and videos. And define each spot’s visibility to the outside.

Save and organize great places
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